The seller shall bear the freight in the following cases:
1. The buyer shall return the goods in 30 days if any damage or missing parts are found after receiving the goods.
2. If there is a quality problem after receiving the goods, and the buyer requires supplementary parts.
Note: clear photos or videos should be provided to customer service to better handle refund or exchange for buyers

The buyer shall bear the freight in the following cases:
1. After receiving the goods, there is no quality problem and they have not been used.
2. Voluntarily filmed and then disliked (not used).

The following conditions will not be returned:
1、Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, man-made collision and other reasons to damage the product.
2、 Dislike an item after use.

Note1: No matter the product is missing, damaged, or some functions cannot be used normally, please be sure to provide pictures or even videos, they can more intuitively show the problems you need to solve, and we can more accurately know the help you need.

Note2: When returning the goods, please make sure that the goods are in good condition (except damaged goods), and the original packaging and accessories quantity is the same as when received.

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