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Liangfangshenqi is a mobile smart mapping software  that controls the laser rangefinder via Bluetooth. Fast measurement facilitates accurate drawing of the plane and furniture layouts.  Floor plans in CAD format can be exported to other design software for 3D design.

Liangfangshenqi is widely used in home, decoration & design, customized  home, real estate surveying and mapping. Building materials required  for decoration  can be calculated according to designs. Liangfangshenqi is also used in public traffic,  fire prevention  and other fields.


How to be our franchisee?

Franchisees Support:

1.Agency cost for free.
2.Free of charge to help the agency to set up online stores, and also decorate and design the store.
3.Free to help agents on the shelf products.
4.Free to provide online mall operation services and guidance, or provide paid long-term operation services
5. We promote the company's products on the entire network, and provide relevant customer information to local dealers nearby.
6. Provide product promotion and tutorial materials, and training how to use the product.
7. Assist dealers to facilitate the customization and development of key accounts.
8.The agent can apply for termination of cooperation after three months, we can recycle the remaining undamaged products.

We definitely welcome you to become our exclusive distributor once you meet our conditions, please contact us for more details.

How to become our franchisees?
1、Engaged in hardware tools, decoration, custom home furnishing, building materials, real estate industry operator, or have interior designer client resources.
2、The first requirement is to purchase 100 sets of our products.( or more than 100 sets) 。

please contact us if you need more details.

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The market for our products is promising. therefore,we sincerely invite you to join us in order to develop the market.


LiangFangShenQi can support custom development, like customize enterprise brand, customize SDK embedding system, increase customer needs, and dock customized needs such as enterprise back-end systems,etc.
Custom function list:
1.Measurement function:Measurement drawing、Measurement service、File export.
2. Management function customization:API Interconnection Function、Enterprise information customization、Export of the area estimate、Standard Word document output.
Help enterprises to open up the digitalization, precision and process of measurement. Facilitate better communication with customers and quickly close orders.

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