Q1: Is LiangFangShenQi your brand ?

Yes,our brand is LiangFangShenQi.Now we are looking for global distributors to join us.


Q2: Could you describe more details about your brand LiangFangShenQi ?

Liangfangshenqi is a mobile smart mapping software that controls the laser rangefinder via Bluetooth. Fast measurement facilitates accurate drawing of the plane and furniture layouts.Floor plans in CAD format can be exported to other design software for 3D design.

Liangfangshenqi is widely used in home, decoration & design, customized home, real estate surveying and mapping. Building materials required for decoration can be calculated according to designs. Liangfangshenqi is also used in public traffic, fire prevention and other fields.


Q3: What is the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?

The MOQ is based on 100sets.


Q4: Do you have any discount offered ? Or price can be negotiated ?

Price can be negotiated and there could be given discount which will be based on your order quantity.


Q5:What is your payment method?

Paypal or T/T


Q6: Can you offer OEM/ODM service?

Yes,we can offer OEM/ODM service according to your requirement.


Q7: Can you provide samples?

We could send the sample for you as long as you pay the sample fee and express charge.


Q8: How long does it usually take to be ready to send?

It will depend on your order quantities. Generally speaking, 100sets will take 15-20 working days approximately.


Q9:Is the quality guaranteed?

The quality of our products is guaranteed. We will inspect the goods before shipment. If you have any questions after-sales, you can contact us at any time.


Q10:Are you a manufacturer? And where will be delivered?

We are a manufacturer&supplier since 1999,and the goods will be sent in Guangzhou,China.


Q11: How to become your agent/dealer/ distributor?

For general agents, as long as you reach our minimum order quantity, you can directly place orders with us.

For an exclusive dealer/distributor, as long as you can meet our conditions, we will sign an exclusive agreement with you. You can contact us for specific conditions.