Kechuang Cloud

KeChuang Cloud Guangzhou Kechuang Cloud Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1999.
It is a company with a national dual-software certification.

Team: We have a professional technical team, a professional after-sales team.
Features: Our products can generate CAD\PDF design in 15 minutes of on-site measurement ; It can quickly generate 3D renderings from CAD design drawings.
Number of users: There is more than 100 brands have cooperated with us; The number of users is nearly ten million。

In the old method to measure room, when measuring physical buildings such as houses, factories, garages, etc., one person is often required to measure the room, and another person draws sketches on the spot according to the measurement data. After returning to the office, the final floor plan is made on the PC side with CAD software according to the sketch. Using this method is not only time-consuming, but the steps are cumbersome and error-prone, and it may be need to return to the site to collect or confirm the again. Obviously, such a rhythm is far from meeting modern needs. Accurate measurement data, clear detailed annotations and the efficiency of measurement are all very needed, the app LiangFangShenQi can help you solve the above troubles.

Our company is a leading provider of indoor measurement solutions in China, dedicated to creating easier and more convenient room measurement and home design experience. While we are doing the most professional house measurement, we also hope to open up the entire chain for the industry. From house measurement to home improvement, from design to production, we hope to achieve integrated services. We are also working tirelessly to realize this vision and make life easier in the future.

Kechuang adheres to the philosophy of "innovation, integrity, and service", and strives to bring more surprises to software users through continuous efforts, integrating into products with more professional spirit and more creative thinking.

Kechuang Cloud focuses on the informatization and software services of the real estate management sectors including housing management, housing construction and planning). Surveying industry relates to decoration, customized home ,furnishing, building materials, external testing, public security, fire protection and communications, which relies on Profound industry background, long-term technology accumulation and rich project implementation experiences .the motto of "innovation, integrity, and service" provides customers with perfect solutions . Kechuang Cloud , your best choice.